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Koehler Supporters Promote Cleanup of Toxic Dump


It was great to have 14 of our supporters show up at the Clark County Combined Health District to support the efforts of People For Safe Water and their efforts to clean up the Tremont City Barrel Fill.

Interested parties were meeting today with officials from different authorities including the EPA.  The Tremont City Barrel Fill was created in the 70s when 51,000 barrels of toxic waste were buried just north of Springfield and directly over the aquifer that feeds water to the city of Springfield.

"The US EPA has reneged on their original plan to have Waste Management (the responsible party) pay for the complete removal of all the waste.  They (US EPA) are allowing Waste Management to cut their out of pocket expense by 50% and simply remove the liquids but rebury the barrels and the solid (yet still toxic) waste," Koehler warned.  "This is simply unacceptable and an example of government working against people - instead of for the people".

Thanks to the families that came out today.  After all, it is our children's future in Clark County that are endangered when the toxic chemicals begin to enter the private and public wells of Springfield and Clark County in the future.

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